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It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and open the window to see blue skies and feel the warmth of the sun! Unfortunately, we do not always have the perfect weather, but we can certainly be prepared for all types of weather. The earlier a child learns about the weather and how it affects our daily life, the earlier he or she will feel comfortable with taking responsibility for dressing appropriately and planning his day accordingly.
The purchase of a crib can cost you, and your child, in more ways than just money. In this blog, we will compare the crib to the floor bed. A floor bed is a safer option to the crib and a lot cheaper. The dangers of a crib are entrapment, suffocation, and fall hazards. When choosing a floor bed, you need to babyproof your child’s room. Think of the room as a large playpen, that is completely safe for your child’s exploration.
Setting up the Peace Table Conflicts are an integral part of our life and affect both children and adults on a daily basis. Although most of the time, conflicts are not enjoyable and seem to disrupt our routine, they are essential in developing a proactive mindset and sharpen communication and listening skills.
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