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04 июля 2017
Inspiring parents, HQ Ikea, 150 prototypes.
+2 free hours for moms every day.

Childbirth brings not only joy and... more
Inspiring parents, HQ Ikea, 150 prototypes.
+2 free hours for moms every day.

Childbirth brings not only joy and love but plenty of concerns, lack of sleep, feeling of guilt, growing stress, absence of your own private time, time to solve issues, implement personal plans.
2 years ago we at babystep tried to find answers to the following questions: what inspires parents? What helps parents be happy? What helps finding strength for a personal life, self-development, new plans and self-fulfillment in all aspects of life, not only in the role of parents?
Then we decided to create a collection of educational videos, we shot 1,000 of them. Many people are aware of our rapid growth in terms of popularity in China, in 2017 we are launching in USA.
2 years ago we also understood that a huge potential to inspire parents lies in a proper arrangement of home environment because a child up to 6 years old spends most of the time at home. Home environment can both help and essentially complicate life of the whole family. We were really surprised at the fact how many children furniture items were far from ideal sizes and understanding goals of a child’s room, understanding physiology and psychology of your child.
When we contacted HQ ikea they replied that they work only with their own designers and do not recruit experts. So we started to develop child’s developing environment ourselves. We realized that this is a startup inside our current startup so we didn’t set big goals but decided to try.
150 prototypes, 50 families, 3 kindergartens from USA, China, Russia participated in testing our furniture during 2 years. So half a year ago we came up to sizes, shapes, designs in which we were confident.
We began to look manufacturers. To our amazement, we found a Russian manufacturer that was in accord with our understanding of quality, sustainability, prices, terms.
It took 5 months of setting up the production and then our first two containers were shipped to China, our main market. Certainly, we faced some challenges.
During our recent board of directors's meeting at babystep we decided to launch sales in Russia in July of 2017, carry out several promotion campaigns and analyze the market reaction. is a website where you can purchase furniture and create a wonderful environment for your child. Believe me this effect will surprise you.
In the following posts I’ll explain how our furniture provide 2-3 extra free hours a day to parents, and children have opportunities to discover and develop themselves in an ideally arranged environment.
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